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The other day, I spoke with this friend of mine who is pursuing a PhD in AI with medicine and talking to him, I realized that the current situation is mentally wrecking and playing havoc with emotions.
I acted dumb and drowned myself in those 10 minutes of stereotyped and hyped conservation. I mean, what I expected from a person who is doing his PhD sounded more like a gibberish imprudent statement.

Life is unpredictable. It can be resolved to some extent with IE

Thanks for all the genetically challenged factors passed through ages from ancestors and other family presumptuous occasions. We are categorized as individuals who have our insides covered and concealed with our gallons of ancestral weaknesses. That’s not the topic I wanted to discuss, but I felt way better for one minute and scored more with my
IE skills. I meant (inner engineering skill ) while talking to my friend, well situations are truly grim with the current uncertainties. I meant I have not received any physical report on Inner engineering or a stamped certificate from the glamorous mystic and the illustrated Yogi Sadhguru, but this unconditionally works and takes care of the essential well being.

I have money in my bank that doesn’t sit still but stirs me from time to time with their choices to go anywhere they want to like free birds, they fly and perch on their desired branches be it “ Sharethemeal “ or sometimes in those charities that are working for a cause.
Coming back to inner engineering, what should I say? Is it possible to see the details of this article with the relevant information and explanation? Sometimes I wonder what makes me want to write these things, and then when I read it, I start laughing at my own thoughts and wonder if I can help another person by sharing my thoughts on IE will it dig deep and make them realize what they are missing in real-time in the present word.

I think what I scribbled now, and some more outpouring thoughts and feelings towards my people and my friends who are just a selected few.

 I think the best thing to explain and experience is living in the best way, cause it will take care only with your involvement. I just shared what I experienced after my IE completion.

During one Inner Engineering session with Sadhguru, talking about certain things and for one moment, tears of ecstasy started flowing during the time of meditation. Finally, getting to experience that one delicate moment with the mystic when he actually knocked on my door was the best thing that ever happened to me.

One of my friends was skeptical about it, asking me if it worth doing inner engineering online? My answer to them and those who have doubts about this online is that you just get it if you are totally present and involved.

I’m a free thinker, and this much information I can provide, one should not go for this course for any personal reason or just for the heck of it, but only commit to this if your heart and mind both are willing, or else it won’t happen neither it will work for you. This is my free thought 🙂

I think sometimes my energy and excitement are stuck in my fingers when I type these rewarding words that are forever changing and redefining their purpose and meaning of life every day and every minute. I am learning new things from darkness to light and from light towards oblivion. ©Sohini iThinkfree

Respect for Sadhguru is unparalleled

The Hard Copy

Hard Copy II

There is this continuous game of life with money, technology and phobia. 

“Yes, you got that right. I am not talking in the abstract messages, and it is with the fact. Let us take up an incident that has shaken the world in leaps and bounds Covid19.

COVID 19 ( Most unexpected pandemic)

Fact Sheet: A virus that officially generated took shape in a place called Wuhan in China. People identified it as the “Wuhan Virus.” It is something like some AI scenario, where a person is infected not from a common ailment or animals, but people. But did we ever expected that something with such atrocity will shape our lives to the fullest. In a fraction of seconds virus spread and deaths occurred. It just was something which we understood that we are mortal and we will die. This pandemic has showed us and maybe have taught us one grave lesson that all of us must take it to our graves, and that hard reality is ‘ Man is Mortal ‘

It is an essential aspect of life where we are assigned new dimensions and thought processes, but it doesn’t work as we are, mostly subjected to our designed pitfalls, just like debts. You see when you are aware that you can’t repay your interest for a new car or a bike. That whichever pretty thing has caught your attention, you go ahead with this presumption of getting it. Through some instant loans available in the bank, you forget that it’s a time centric pleasure.

You realise that if you experience some harsh realities, maybe an accident or something worse, reduction or lack of funds in your account that you did not calculate and decided upon correctly.

Covid 19 is like a brutal checklist for the first-hand realisation that we have experienced too early and have understood the deep meaning of what life is all those hard-earned degrees and scores. The uncertainties of ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ don’t make any sense actually with the current mortal combats happening worldwide. We must safeguard ourselves consciously and experience what life has to offer. 

All those Harvard degrees are futile now cause we must take care of our health and longevity and not worry about degrees and social gatherings.

The aspect of life and everything one has read from all these make belief worlds is genuinely chaotic.  

How can you discover a new life and a new living during these challenging times is a question. I am not here to guide you with a life’s lesson plan, but I can give you one free piece of advice. 

” Follow hygiene (SOPS) and live in this moment.”  

( NOW) (NOW) (NOW ) that should be the mantra.

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Friends, I just completed my Inner Engineering, and it just worked wonders for me. I will post my next blog with some details and share some of my insights to those wondering what it is?  

If you want to experience the now of your life with the ability to respond consciously, then you would be just fine. Live in this moment. This moment won’t come back tomorrow, and if you don’t understand the difference you need to get it sooner or else you have to reach through variations that life will offer.

I will write more and explore some new finance related concerns with you all who once a while reads my free thoughts 🙂


The Hard Copy

The Hard Copy 1

Life is an amalgam of happenings and incidents. One can’t diagnose or devise the fundamentals of living unless one has understood a straightforward fact to live life consciously. It is a wake-up call for some who want to experiment some more time dribbling on the field of experiences with the ball of life. You have it, and you don’t know in which direction to strike it?

So you decide to let it loose and experiment with it, or experience and understand it with some simple mindful efforts. 

I want to share some facts which will work as a cheat sheet 

when you wonder about drinking your latte or liquor. Sometimes keep aside that delusion cup that is the root cause of all your hidden troubles.

Think about the best things you can try doing with your life. Well, some love taking risks with food, lifestyle and preferences. What kind of life would you desire to experience or have? What is that critical thing that keeps you focussed yet not even near to it? 

Accept and acknowledge things that are not suitable to you, don’t override a problem with desires. Example ( a heated argument with your colleague or boss doesn’t make you eligible to discuss or opinionate with others about his/her drawbacks.) Try settling communication issues at work with diplomacy and not through third-party communications.It doesn’t help at all. Instead, it can craft a massive void in your future career prospects. Personal agitations, confrontations and emotional clutter can lead to unnecessary trouble and significant damage to your career graph.

√ Finance health will not suffer in the long run if one is incapable of addressing things with logic.

Your career and finance will be at stake in a period of emotional crisis or an accidental mood swing. Your boss or anyone who heard or overheard you technically is in the safer zone. Emotional IQ and finance get along well with each other if appropriately managed.Performance and long term goals are something each and everyone strategically plans. There is substantial evidence that emotional IQ can correlate with essential personality traits.Studies have examined the multivariate effects of personality and intelligence on EI and also attempted to correct estimates for measurement error. Consider your EI as a skill, a tool that will technically help and assist you for a future financial prospect. One wrong move can destroy not only your career but also your life.

To be cont.

Money doesn’t grow on trees!! – says who??

Money doesn’t grow on trees – says who, says me moneyplant ( pothos )

This new thing is a super-hyped social stigma and somewhat an elite fashion statement for the urban dweller be it from the west, collecting exorbitant plants and filling every blessed corner of your house or apartment you live or reside or their homes.
I think when someone likes to languish and flaunt on their plant collection with a chicken from their Newyork home, who won’t fall for it?

Sounds natural, and with the blessing of youtube, one gets to see it live. To keep things more naturally, one can always enjoy this on a balcony or any space with some spaced out and minimal kind of decor. Let us say if you keep ten plants inside your bedroom of which one of them might have been infected with spider mites, which is quite common for indoor gardening, as the circulation of air is less so the moisture content of the soil might get moister. If this is not taken care of at the right time, it will get into several serious problems.

Sometimes we must think about the risk involved with products or living things, and if I am not wrong, to date, not a single garden centre has sold plants with a guarantee card that this plant will not be infected with any disease or it won’t die. The latest plant collection of the Philodendrons and Anthuriums and the Alocasia, and the list is endless.

I wonder what will happen with all these plants and who will take care of yourself if you are not an experienced plant person, pay your bills, rent, and the list goes on???

I am sure you must have heard of World Farm, in Singapore, and the most fantastic thing about this country is the way they have decorated every location with the right kind of plants, and the varieties of species ranging from philodendrons to orchids are so unique, and simply beautiful, that how much time one spend in some garden centres, well one can have some time to go to these garden centres once a while to buy their plants they really have been trying to get for quite some time.

I mean one must understand the difference between a garden centre and someone’s home.

Imagine for one moment someone would have filled malls and entryways with lots of plants. Would it really look pleasant, or just an uplifting space with few plants would attract attention and redefine the decor nicely. It is not at all a bad idea to buy plants, but one thing one must remember before you buy your next plant pot, maybe some new yorker is benefitting from your online enrollment of how to make plants love you, but can anyone vouch on the fact that plants will make you wealthy unless you start selling them or have your own plant store 🙂

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I am not against I am not against plants or anyone who does enjoy plants and anything related to nature and similar things, but my dear friends, if you get a dreadful infection from one of these plants or your pet does, I am sorry to make this dreadful. The factual statement, these plants won’t save you from those huge endless medical expenses. There are quite a few plants that’s not pet friendly at all. Sometimes I wonder, people have so much money to buy these exorbitant plants, instead for a month do not buy a plant, instead sharethemeal.

A great way to save some quality effort, is in a great way to enhance your life and help those who are really in need of what you can’t acquire by buying that gigantic monstera or palm tree. There is so much poverty around the world, and one act of kindness will definitely bring a significant change in those lives you will try to help and those who will be benefitted.

I do not buy plants to decor my house. In fact, the plants I carry are evenly spread without much fuss. To end things on a lighter note, you need to see this plant video on YouTube.

When that NON-PLANT FRIEND visits my tropical garden. 

Good Night 🙂


I will make you rich

Someone sits on some market street and sells this “mantra to a whole world.” Like any vendor selling his products in the local wet market. I wonder how Singapore would look if financial products or loans were sold at a wet market. Jokes apart, it is not funny when you fall for such things, like ” I will make you rich “, “you will become rich before you hit 30“. “you look rich, how aren’t you say you aren’t rich ” and there are more.

I am sitting in Singapore and living a reasonably moderate life all my years. I have understood one secret mantra that you do not get rich in a jiffy. Neither one can be as fit as a fiddle without any proper exercise or a well-balanced diet. Too much hyped sugar-coated tart messages marketed to you either in the form of a subscription or SMS might define unknown trouble.

Read this with a pinch of salt. That’s total bs***

I am no finance guru, but I would like to share a straightforward fact with you like an average commoner. One must have some rainy day savings and, above all, a savings plan which one has access to, not in some policies but which one can access with ease. That must not be shared with anyone, not even with your best chum. Try to focus on building your wealth cause you are not an ATM machine that will churn out money when you are badly in need of it. Neither those subscriptions will pay you back, I mean those who had promised you some years ago that they will make you rich. Let us face the most brutal fact ever. When you are seriously in need of money, friends start distancing, relatives don’t entertain you, or your loved ones just keep you out of their social list. Cause one can’t predict rain, neither anyone could expect a calamity in the form of a pandemic.

So the most important thing for such situations is always to have secured funds for a rainy day. If you are a student, a writer, an entrepreneur, or a businessman, always remember to keep an active savings fund where you can save your money every month. This will not only help you when such situations occur, but you can also deal with it smartly and not sadly.

Out of 108 people inside a room, maybe 30 of them had secured their rainy day funds when they understood the worth and value.

I did mine too from an age when I realized that money is not about Gucci bags and Louis Vuitton wallets or Dior makeup. It is like a fad statement that is good enough for temporary pleasure.
.. I just reminded myself of one thing I heard in some video where the glamorous mystic Sadhguru mentions that “do you wish to live a life of a bhogi, a rogi or a yogi
Staying or experiencing a monk’s life is not a trajectory; neither starting a savings plan at the eleventh hour will be of any help to you. What you can do now is “being in the moment” and growing your wealth most securely and with a conscious effort.

So much for now, as I scribble these lines from my comfort zone, that is my home in Singapore, like nothing as much relaxing and content to be alive every moment with the sounds and smell of what I call “Truly Asia.”

It’s time to wind up, and before I log off, stay safe and protected, my dear friends, wherever you are. And do not forget to wear your mask.

Good Night 😛

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Writers are among the most sensitive, most intellectually anarchic, most representative, most probing of artists. The writer’s ability to imagine what is not the self, to familiarize the strange, and to mystify the familiar – all this is the test of her or his power.” Paulo Coelho (The Zahir)

A writer who is free from dogmas and doesn’t care about the words he uses or constructs his plot with his or her free-thinking, well, those types of people might not make you rich but will share with you simple living. They do well – ithinkfree 🙂

Like everyone who loves watching YouTube videos, I am no less. I enjoy some helpful self-learning videos. Today I will share the best videos from which you can genuinely learn and use for your informal learning.

So much so you need not spend that extra cash on Skillshare or Udemy.
I think the essential option and way to save money is how you save the money.

You can’t have 2min maggie noodles every day for dinner and kill your emotional well being just because you are holding that extra cash. Keep saving but spend wisely for which you genuinely need to spend your money. Always have a healthy meal, be it cooked or a vegan salad, but make sure you eat with your pita or rice and add some lean proteins as well. Always remember this crucial fact, do not sacrifice essential things for saving money. You must know what will add value to your life.

There is nothing like a good home-cooked meal and a lesson learned from a great Youtube video.

The simple truth of living and understanding life is what you spend every time, which is probably a big fix to several issues you experience with other problems you might not have thought of ever.

Listed below are few links who I had followed and understood without spending any dime or a dollar.

Tyler Moore specialist in web design with lot of clear information.

The Green Machine the art of aquascaping. Everybody must invest some quality time in some hobby, be it photography or writing.

Sync Mind – Binaural Beats Meditation, these Sessions can awaken and inspire people to change their lives, bringing a sense of love, joy, inner peace, success, confidence, and stress relief.

Sadhguru is a yogi, mystic, bestselling author, and poet. Absolute clarity of perception places him in a unique space, not only in matters spiritual but in business, environmental and international affairs, and opens a new door on all that he touches.

Green Renaissance they on a journey to inspire change – creating beautiful, meaningful stories.

There are quite some more I had followed and eventually unfollowed within a period of time. In fact, we must not enroll for paid courses if we think it won’t help us or just go for it on a trial and error option. That is the most wrong way to calculate your mental 2+2 = 4

I believe we and our sensible thinking makes two of us, in our decisions we make. Please don’t dwell in other people’s splendid ideas where you need to spend money. Your 2$ is your hard earned money, no matter in whichever form you have earned it. Keep that 2$ and treat yourself a popsicle someday but please do not enroll for courses that doesn’t make sense to you.


ps. I am not marketing anyone or a product. I just felt good when sharing them on my blog.

The $$$$ Game

There is something evident about money-saving methods. One can understand the importance of it with time as one gets older and face situations. Life indeed is genuinely a great teacher, like some patron to understand the fundamental realities life offers. So much so that we do not understand its importance till we are in that situation called ‘life’.

Let us start with something that is around you, for example, a 1$ coin.

A lot of us have a collection of colorful mason jars. Today, before you go to bed or retire at night, make sure to bring out one of your mason jars unused and lying in one corner. Wash it nicely with warm water and salt. They say anything that is cleaned with salt gets free from negative vibes.
After cleaning with a dry cloth, set it somewhere near your table so that you can actually look at it and constantly add your 1$ coins in there. Make sure you do not remove any dime from the jar unless it is packed with coins. Try this simple method from today and see the difference by the jar’s time brimming with money. Honestly speaking, looks quite classy on the table and definitely creates a good chi.

So friends, what are you waiting for? Start your 1$ Savings Plan today.

So much for now, I will definitely come back with more ideas. Stay safe and protected, and do wear your mask.